Summer 2010

Gilman Alumni Representative Program
Now Accepting Applications!

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship’s Alumni Representative Program is now accepting applications for former Gilman Scholarship recipients to assist with outreach and promotion activities.  A select number of alumni will be chosen to join the Gilman Program in Chicago September 25-27, which will allow them the opportunity to receive individualized training on how to give presentations on the Gilman Program, as well as be able to present at local universities and conferences in the future. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please access the online application, complete the application, include your resume, and send to by Monday, August 23, 2010. 

Photo Search

The Gilman Scholarship Program is currently searching for photos to highlight on our website and in promotional materials such as brochures, posters and advertisements. We are asking all Gilman Alumni to submit your fabulous photos from your study abroad experience! The photos sent should meet the following guidelines:

Limit of 5 photos per person.

  • You must be in the photo; no large group shots or landscapes only.
  • Photos must be high-quality, please do not scan prints.
  • Photos provided should be taken in your host country.
  • Keep in mind these photos represent your educational experience abroad, no party photos please.
  • Include your full name, country of study and academic term abroad.

Please submit all photos you would like to be considered to by noon (Central Daylight Time) on Monday, August 2nd. We will contact you via email should your photo be selected for publishing. Keep in mind that you may have to email photos separately, as each email must not exceed 3Mb in size. We look forward to receiving your photos!

Gilman Correspondents through Reach the World

After two successful semesters of partnership with 19 great Gilman Correspondents studying and reporting from around the world, the Gilman International Scholarship Program continues to collaborate with Reach the World.  Reach the World (RTW) is a unique nonprofit organization with the mission of linking students and teachers to online, global journeys that have the power to expand learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.  Through this partnership, the Gilman Program and RTW determined the Gilman recipients who will be participating as correspondents and relaying weekly journals and posts to young students in New York City classrooms, giving teachers information to incorporate into their curriculum and for kids to learn more about another part of the world through a new friend. 

For the Summer 2010, RTW began a partnership with the oldest social service agency in New York City, the Mission Society, to offer cultural enrichment programming to their 500 summer camp youth from July 6 to August 13.  Connie Tran, who is studying abroad in Spain for two months this summer, will be the summer correspondent.  She is virtually interacting with these youth from the Power Academy summer camp, which is a free camp for underprivileged students between the ages of 6 and 14 years of age. Follow her journey at


Reminder for Recent Returnees

Welcome back to the Gilman Scholars who have recently returned from their time abroad. We hope you had an amazing experience that was academically, professionally, and personally rewarding. There are just a few things to do to conclude your responsibilities to the Gilman Scholarship Program.   Further information and assistance with these responsibilities can be found on the Gilman website’s Resources for Alumni page at

· Update your contact information: Please email us at gilman_scholars@iie.orgto update your contact information.
· Online Evaluations: Upon your return from abroad all Gilman Scholars are required to submit a Scholarship Recipient Evaluation. This document can be filled out online at the Gilman website's Resources for Alumni - Evaluation page at
· Follow-On Projects: If you have not already started your Follow-On Project, please remember you have 6 months from the date of your return to the U.S. to complete your project and submit your report to the Gilman Scholarship Program. For assistance or guidance, visit the Gilman website's Resources for Alumni - Follow-on Project page at or contact the Gilman Staff at
· Stay connected: The Gilman Scholarship Program has joined the social media movement in order to more actively engage with applicants, recipients, alumni, and advisors.  You can now follow us on Facebook (Gilman International Scholarship - Official Page), Twitter and YouTube.



Gilman Scholar Service Abroad – Mai Yang
Spring 2010, Marygrove College, Chile

After the destructive earthquakes that rocked Chile and caused other nations across the ocean to brace themselves for tsunamis, the volunteer effort to help those in need in the affected areas was immense and gracious.  One of those volunteers was Mai Yang, a Gilman Scholar studying and living in Viña del Mar, central coast of Chile, at that time.  She informed the Gilman Program of the efforts of her and her classmates, and the Gilman Program is proud to share her experience.  As Mai’s testimony proves, volunteer activities abroad can be beneficial learning opportunities and can also allow you a way to give back to the community that has welcomed you to their home.

“On the night of April 27th, I along with 149 other volunteers, a collective of both Chilean and international students from the University of Viña del Mar, traveled south to the town of Quilleco for four days to construct emergency houses called mediaguas for families who were displaced as a result of the earthquake that occurred on February 27, 2010. Quilleco is a small country town located in Region VIII of Chile, the same region as the epicenter of the earthquake of February 27th. Many households in the town of Quilleco are farming families with limited resources, but out of necessity, have taken in family members who lost their homes to the earthquake. Mediaguas are meant to serve as temporary shelter for the families who have lost their homes. This phenomenal opportunity was a collaborative effort between the Central General de Estudiantes, which is the student council of the University of Viña del Mar, and Un Techo para Chile.”


“On the morning of our arrival in Quilleco, we were divided into groups of seven or eight and assigned an experienced group leader. The group leaders with their group members were charged with the tasks to build two mediaguas in the following four days.  I faced many communication challenges during those four days because of my limited ability to understand and speak Spanish.  In order to communicate with my group members, I had to be creative in my communication skills.  For example, if the group leader asked me to bring him a hammer, I had to take a guess at what he wanted me to get him because I did not know what the Spanish term for a hammer was.  I then would make the hand gestures of how I would use different tools we had until he confirmed I guessed correctly what he wanted. During the process of constructing the mediaguas, we were able to learn how to best communicate with one another and get to know one another on a personal basis. The triumphs and struggles my group members and I had in communicating with one another brought us closer to each other.  The trip to Quilleco allowed me the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of two families who were affected by the earthquake as well as the opportunity to befriend native Chilean students whom I would not have met otherwise.  Knowing and being able to relate to native students made me feel more comfortable to the life and culture in this country.”